Dear Friends,

It is with a very heavy heart that, after nearly 12 years, we announce the closure of our brick-and-mortar.

Creating, caring for, and sharing this magical place has been a dream come true. This wild ride has been extraordinary, and we are infinitely grateful to all who have stepped through our doors, perused our shelves, and shared our passion for antique textiles.

As shopkeepers, we've had the privilege of witnessing the city's constant evolution from our unique vantage point in our beautiful glass bubble on Grand Street. While everything around us came and went, it often felt like we remained constant. But as all things change, so have we, and our time at 111 has come to a natural end. It will always be a remarkable and profound piece of us, and we will miss it immensely.

Over the last decade, we've bought and sold around 4,000 textiles. A fraction of this sum can be enjoyed in our archive.

Though we're closing our physical storefront and downsizing our inventory, we'll continue our mission on a much smaller scale. Sharktooth will be distilled to its essence, curating only the most special pieces for a collection available exclusively to our newsletter subscribers. Additionally, we'll still accept custom sourcing, repair, and display contracts.

Looking ahead, we are excited to pursue new ventures, some of which we will share when we can!

We want to express our deepest gratitude for your support. It has been our pleasure to serve as stewards of these historical objects and to admire their beauty with you.

A 50% discount will be applied automatically at checkout for remaining textile inventory.

With love and appreciation,

Kellen & Lorenza