Over the years we have built an accompanying working studio equipped to offer relevant bespoke services. Our custom work is informed by the unique experience of handling thousands of textiles, examining fibers in all stages of life, and witnessing the many conditions that affect longevity.

All services $50.+

Cleaning & Repair

Sharktooth offers custom cleaning and repair services for all rugs and most antique home textiles: quilts, linen, and wool blankets. We’ll carefully assess the condition of your textile and devise a treatment plan to suit.

We clean and repair by hand. Cleaning solutions, application, and soak times are formulated based on the material’s structure, soiling, fragility, and dye type. Repair techniques and materials are chosen to match weight, tension, and tone.


Wash $6. / sq. ft. ($200. minimum)
Reweave $150.+
Overcast Ends - please inquire
Binding - please inquire


Wash $200. +
Spot Clean $15. +
Patch $30. +
Binding $2.50 / in.


Wash & Block $350. +
Darn $50. +
Binding $2.50 / in.

Hook and Loop $175.+


We can prepare most textiles for display on a wall. We use a hand-stitched hook and loop velcro system that evenly supports the warp and weft structure, ensuring longevity. This method is completely reversible and invisible once installed. Visually, the piece appears floating- or suspended- on the wall.

Per Quilt $600. +


Custom black overdyeing is available for quilts as well as whole linens and blankets. Cotton, polyester, hemp, and linen fiber only. Color is limited to a standard black over-dye bath only.

Report $150.+


Sharktooth can provide unofficial appraisals for most antique and vintage textiles. This can be helpful when deaccessioning, or considering repair.
This report will be representative of our considered opinion based on our experience buying and selling. We primarily base this on the textile’s provenance, origin, age, condition, and market value.