contemporary collaborative design

Custom quilts

Using our own rotating collection as direct reference, we approach all custom projects with a sense of stewardship and an attention to quality.

Sharktooth aims to highlight elements of craft, construction, and material to tell a story of sustainability and tradition.

For made-to-order and custom contracts, we work exclusively with hospitality designers. If you’re interested in opening a wholesale account, please contact us.


A collection of 46 custom formulated hues.

The language of color is complex and subjective. We created this book as a tool to simplify communication and facilitate the design, development, and production of items that reflect the utility and beauty of the textiles that we know so intimately.

In addition to the fabric being dyed by hand in our studio, the books themselves were constructed entirely by hand in an edition of 30. The jacket and muslin cover were printed locally at The Arm letterpress shop. Each book is individually bound by hand with silk cord.


We look forward to working with you.