Shop Notes, No. 2

Lorenza Lattanzi

 Photo © Pekka Agarth, 1979


>Topic of Interest

Many cultures weave rag textiles - Sakiori cloth in Japan, Catalogne bed covers in Canada - and although the exact origin of rag rugs is unknown, the Nordic countries of Sweden and Finland have strong early ties to making rag floor coverings.

For much of their history, rag rugs have been woven of repurposed fabric to be used up under a single roof - a key part of a domestic recycling system. As many others do, we prize them for this holistic ethos, as well as for their practicality, casual elegance, and humble beauty.  

In keeping with an old Spring/Summer social ritual of washing rugs in the warm weather, we've cleaned and prepared a collection of 50~ Swedish rag rugs for the shop.  

We hope you enjoy them. 

If you're curious about rag rug making today, we recommend investigating the weaving of Mae Colburn.